Fragments, Forms and Forces

I am a collector of forms, both natural and man-made — contemplating the forces that create them. From these elements I combine abstract and recognizable fragments to suggest non-linear stories with the potential to awaken the imagination and strike curious emotional chords. The tangible results become bridges to the beauty and mystery of the intangible.

An eclectic exploration of materials and process is also an important part of my journey from experience to expression. Mixed media are applied in an improvised accrual of layers that alludes to natural growth, human interaction, and the dynamics of change.


Philip High was born in Louisville, Kentucky and studied painting, printmaking and ceramics at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. He began a career in graphic arts after moving to Atlanta, Georgia, eventually relocating to Mobile, Alabama.

Philip began exhibiting his work after returning to Lexington, several years later. He has received regional, national and international awards for fine art and illustration in both digital and traditional media and currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky.


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